Welcome To Twisted Tryst

Twisted Tryst South

June 8th - 11th 2017 (Indiana)

Twisted Tryst's 10th Anniversary - A Family Reunion!


Thanks for taking a moment to explore what will become your must-attend vacation!

Twisted Tryst South is an ever-evolving event that brings swingers, kinksters, and free spirits together to love, play and commune with one another. We invite you to let your clothes and inhibitions fall away at Twisted Tryst. Held at a private campground in Indiana in June, and a private campground in Michigan in August, we strive for immersion and total acceptance in an arena that allows for the most imaginative of play!

Your Twisted Tryst begins with a warm welcome at registration as you roll through the gate. We’ll help you get a bit settled, and then your adventure is yours.

With ample sheltered play space, acres and acres of outdoor playground, and dedicated space geared to sexuality, you are sure to find somewhere exciting. You may wander the campground in your birthday suit best, your favorite fetish gear, or your most comfy khaki shorts. There are over 20 seminars scheduled throughout the weekend, providing plenty of opportunities to learn, in three educational tracks: kink, sexuality, and spirituality.There are two themed nights, and many camper-led socials and parties over the weekend, and most certainly room for you to plan your own.

Twisted Tryst strives to offer education in a broad scope of human sexuality and to then provide the freedom and venue to practice the things you’ve learned. We are open to all walks of life: singles, couples, triads, leather families, swingers, gay, lesbian, transfolk etc. This list is endless! If you have an open mind and a desire to explore your sexuality, we are the place for you. Come discover yourself at Twisted Tryst!

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