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This event has been cancelled

Hey campers,

It is with heavy hearts that we reach out to let you know we will be canceling June - The Gathering for health and safety reasons. We believe strongly it would be unethical, and quite possibly at that time still illegal to try to move forward with camp. Tribe has always been a bright, shining light in the herd that we call society, and this is the best choice for herd health.

While we’re sure you’ve already had the feeling this was coming, we know it’s going to be difficult. Please don’t hesitate to reach out in email, on Slack, on Fet, if you need friendly ears and shoulders who understand how we’re all feeling right now. Now is the time we’ll need each other more than ever.

We hope that you are all well, safe, and doing all you can to care for yourself mentally and physically in these challenging times. That’s the very best thing we can all be doing right now so we can get through this, and back to one another.

We ask also that if you have any good juju to share, you send it to both the grounds we inhabit and the food pantry we traditionally donate to. This pandemic will be absolutely devastating to both, and our love and hearts are with them. To that end, I have personally started a GoFundMe for the food pantry, and am happy to share if you would like to message me (Jen)


For those who have already registered:

You have options: We can provide you a full refund, we can move your registration to a future camp (does not have to be Sept), or, the third option, we can divide your registration between the grounds and the food pantry we support. Please do not allow any feelings of ‘social pressure’ to choose any particular option. We want you to make the choice that makes the most sense for you at this time.

Please drop us an email at and let us know what you would like us to do with your registration. Please also be aware it will take us a little bit of time to move through your emails, but we will get there. :)

Stay in when you can, stay safe, and we’ll see you at home in September.

Jen, Steve, Sheryn, Perry & the entire Tryst Staff

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