Special Events

Message Board and One-Liner Board

After the tent stakes are in place and you’ve taken a deep breath, make sure to find your envelope on the message board! The message board is the perfect hub for flirting, banter, connecting with the interesting person you met the night before, and thanking those who add spice to your weekend. The biggest scene evah happened at Tryst in June 2010 with the help of the message board, but you’ll have to poke around on fetlife to find details on that story.

The One Liner board is a newer addition to Tryst.  It’s a huge blank board (whiteboard or chalkboard) where you can save and share those crazy things we ONLY hear at camp.  Some favorites from 2011 can be found here: https://fetlife.com/groups/605/group_posts/1773682.

Play Space

Your playground is limited only by your imagination! We’ve outfitted spacious dungeon space and a great deal of the grounds with custom furniture brought to you by Dungeon Gnomes Local 469. The dungeon, lake, and woods are open to your devious machinations from the moment you land at your kinky vacation until you pull away still flying from the weekend.

Pool & Hot Tub Time! (unique to Tryst South)

Gettin' all hot n' bothered? Take a dip in the in ground swimming pool. Want to get rid of those tan lines? Lounge poolside in your birthday suit. Chilly night? Hop in the hot tub with a few friends and warm up. (Sex is prohibited in the pool and hot tub, and is strictly enforced. Hop out and do it in the deck!)  

Skill Share (every other event)

Folks who know a little bit about something or another will be around to share a few things! The Exploratorium is a camp revered event where we’ll have many different specialized stations set up for you to learn and experiment with new things in a casual environment. Stations have covered a plethora of interests including: flogging, fire flogging, make up application, simple suspensions, and many more!

Leather Bar

Wanna flag? Step into the dark Leather Bar. fly your flag, cruise and be cruised. Dance. Play. Flirt. Frolic. Fuck.

Kinky Photo Shoots

Ever wanted to have really good photos of your scenes? Maybe you want studio style posed shots, but don't have a studio you trust? Contract with one of our camp photographers to set up your own photo shoot. Any photos you contract with them to take will be yours and yours alone. You will not be giving us rights to these pictures. So for those of you who are camera shy, this is just the thing for you.

  • 5 - 10 shots 1 print (8x10) your choice $10.00
  • 20 shots 5 prints (8x10) your choice $30.00
  • Photo shoot of a scene $50 for a CD 

Camper Planned Events

Here is where you can begin to make your Tryst experience your own! Have you been searching for a play partner or type of tryst? Tryst is the wonderland that allows you a venue and community to explore a plethora of titillations. Campers have hosted numerous events from mud wrestling to pot lucks and the mild to the wild. Does anyone want to host a craft time, food fight, or kinky speed dating? Create an invite and make camp your own!