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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm single. Am I still welcome?

Yes! Lots of attendees choose to come to our event solo, There are meet and greets in which you can mingle and meet people.

Is it hard to meet others at camp?

We provide several themed parties, ice breaker fun, and other events to assist attendees in getting to know each other. Another excellent way to meet people is to volunteer! We have lots of fun 'chores' (ie: gate keeping, party setup and clean up, working the registration booth) for attendees to volunteer for. Check out our Fetlife group for more information on our various official and camper-led events as well as volunteer opportunities.

I'm non-monogamous, but not kinky. Is this a good event for me?

Yes. One of the most fundamental goals of this event is to encourage acceptance, tolerance, and even knowledge within the broad realm of sexuality. Class/Seminars/Demos are geared along three tracks: Kink, Sexuality, and Spirituality.

I’m kinky, but monogamous. Is this a good event for me?

Yes.  See the above answer. And know that registering at the event is ALL the participation required. You will not be pressured to play with others. It's possible it will be offered but a polite decline is NOT seen as rude in this realm.


I'm a part of the LGBTQ+ community. What should I know before coming to camp?

Twisted Tryst has worked hard to create an inclusive space for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We are a camp and staff composed largely of queer individuals. You will find our event to be very diverse in this regard. We welcome you!


What's the dress code?

The dress code is as varied as the attendees. Get all dolled up in your best fetish wear, or just throw on some suntan lotion. If you are running around nude please be sure to carry a small towel to sit on.

You must be vanilla appropriate when entering or leaving the property. The local community is very good about leaving us to our wonderland on the grounds, please be kind and respectful when you enter their space.


I'm really new to kink. Is this the event for me?

Yes! Aside from the fun we hope people have, we are dedicated to education and exploration. From the newest kinkster to the long term players, all are welcome. We've compiled a group of some of the most outgoing, friendly folks ever to hit the kink scene!

What are the gate hours?

The gate is open for initial access and check in from 9am - 9pm EST. Once you have checked in if you are staying off-site you have 24 hr gate privileges. If you are not staying off-site once you have checked in we ask that you only use the gate during daylight hours. Cars cannot be moved if the sun is not up unless you are staying off-site and your car is parked in the overnight in/out lot.


Will I be roughing it?

That really depends on you. Some bring RV's, others, elaborate tent set ups, and still others pop up trailers. We also offer the 'Leave it to us' option, where we will set up a tent for you with two camp chairs. There are limited electric sites for tents and RVs, please see our “how to register” for additional information.  There are no water/sewer/dump hookups for RVs on-site at all.


Will I have access to electricity at my campsite?

Only if you pay for an electric site when you register. These sites are limited and will sell out, if you cannot select that option when you register that means we have sold out of electric sites. 

Phone and vibrator charging stations will be available on the grounds for all campers to use. 


Primitive camping isn’t for me, can I stay off site?

Absolutely! Off-site campers will not be limited by gate hours and are welcome to find any other accommodations. There are a range of options within 15-45 minutes of the grounds.


Are the grounds easy to traverse on foot?

These grounds are a rustic licensed campground and may not be suitable depending on your condition and level of mobility. Main paths throughout the grounds are gravel paths but those paths can be rocky, loose, and uneven depending on conditions. Tryst provides transportation assistance by running golf carts on bus routes that will take campers throughout the grounds. If you have any questions please reach out to our team.


Is there cell phone reception?

Most providers have decent signal strength throughout the grounds. T-Mobile is the spottiest.


Will I have access to Wifi on the grounds?

Yes, wifi is available onsite for an additional fee (5-day $10) per device. If you need to run more than one device off wifi, you’ll need to purchase an additional code for each.  These funds go into maintaining and expanding the facilities of the campground.


Is there a refrigerator I can use for my medication?

Yes! Come to first aid where we have a refrigerator specifically for this purpose.


Will I have access to A/C?

No, unfortunately there are no air conditioned spaces available aside from first aid and the office.


Can I bring my RV?

Yes you can bring your RV if you register for an RV site! There are no water hookups and no dump stations on-site. We are also in the same situation with electricity for RVs as for tents. If you need electricity for your RV when you register you will need to select that option.  If you cannot select that option when you register that means we are sold out of electric sites for RVs.


Can I bring my generator?

Yes, campers have the option to bring their own generator to use at their tentsite or RV.


What’s the bathroom situation?

This campground has porta-potties, hand wash stations, outdoor showers, and indoor showers. 


Where can I go swimming?

There’s a beautiful swimming pond on site. Please rinse off in the outdoor shower first in order to protect the ecosystem!


Can I buy ice, firewood and other general camping amenities?

Yes, you can buy ice and firewood at a camp store that has a few other offerings on par with our last campsite! Please do not bring offsite wood to burn at this campground, but you are welcome to find downed wood around the property to toss in your fire.


Speaking of fires?  What are the rules?

Fires are only allowed within provided fire rings. The fire rings will be scattered throughout the grounds, and can be moved, but there is not one per “campsite”, and fires should not be left unattended.  Depending on ground/weather conditions there may be additional rules surrounding fires. In the main center of camp there will always be a fire going that can be used by anyone for cooking as well.


Is there food sold onsite?

Yes!  For 2024 we will have multiple food options, including the coffee shop! - stay tuned for further information.


Is there potable water on-site?

Yes!  There are multiple potable water pumps on site.  There are also gray water dump sites through the grounds - cannot be used by RVs.


Where can I wash my dishes?

The grounds do not have a dedicated dishwashing area and you cannot wash your dishes at the gray water dump sites. If you will have dishes that need washing please plan to bring what you need to do that at your site.  The gray water you create from doing dishes can be dumped into the gray water dump sites.  Keep an eye out for further information on how to camp in undeveloped sites.


Can I bring my camera?

Absolutely not. One of the most important factors in events such as these is privacy. We want everyone to feel, once inside the gates, that they are free to roam at will. Cameras would greatly hinder that. We do have staff photographers who take approved photos, of only those who opt in to photos. :) This applies to any smart recording equipment as well.

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