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It's with sad, heavy, yet determined hearts that we share that we will not be able to safely, ethically hold Rendezvous. 

We've had a few who have commented on the fact that Indiana is starting to open up, so I do want to share our reasoning, because you deserve to know. 

Tryst magic comes from being able to be our authentic selves, seek out that human contact with others, and to be good citizens in the intentional community that we create. All of those things make holding Rendezvous a large departure from that.  The community we enter for 5 glorious days is not a financially comfortable community. And we usually love the fact that we inject our dollars into that community when we go shop for groceries, booze, whatever it is we need. We don't love the fact that we also add a large group of people into an area that isn't prepared for an outbreak of Corona. 

We'd love thoughts and suggestions on how we can continue to try to be there for the community in these new digital times. 

We'd also love to know that you are taking care of yourselves during these times. Your health, physical, mental, and emotional, is so important. Times like we are living in now make everyday heavy. Please do what you can to put that down for a moment and take care of you. 

We miss you, fam. We are so appreciative of how gentle and kind you have been with us as we try to navigate the 'now' we are all in. 

We'll see you all in 2021!

Much love, 

Jen, Sheryn, Steve, Perry

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