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Education at Twisted Tryst


Twisted Tryst is full of opportunities to learn, play, and grow in formal and informal settings. You can spend your days inside the classroom with classes, workshops, and roundtables in topics across the areas of Kink, Sexuality, and Spirituality. From thoughtful discussions on negotiating relationships to workshops on exploring sacred sexuality to demonstrations of edgeplay, you can count on a variety of formal educational offerings.


Check back here for more information on educators and classes closer to each event.


Are you interested in presenting at Twisted Tryst? Drop us a line at


Past educators have included:


  • MagisterNodi and Miss R3d

  • Moonie

  • Aiden Harrington

  • Dan and dawn

  • Barak and Brat Sheba

  • Daddy Kenyon and SwitchyButch

  • BlueberryBleu

  • Shahjahani

  • Mason deRue

  • Najalaise

  • WhiskyTangoFoxy

  • BadKitty Bondage

  • Mr. Beck

  • Stranger Friend

  • Mistress Jenn

  • Vesper


We’re dedicated to providing the opportunity to learn and safely explore inside AND outside the classroom. The play space, grounds, and your fellow campers will also provide plenty of opportunity to learn and grow. Each camper (including you!) brings their knowledge and passions, and can share them over meals, around the pool or campfire, or in the dungeon. We hope you’ll open yourself to explore something new and share your knowledge with the rest of your community at Twisted Tryst. 

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