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Principle Statement: 

Twisted Tryst strives to create a radically inclusive, fun, sexy, accepting event, free from harassment, consent violations, and abusive behavior. We are committed to freedom of expression and creativity, as well as personal responsibility and accountability. We hold our owners, staff, educators, and attendees to high standards of behavior and actions, for the well-being and enjoyment of everyone who attends.


We respect the identity and diversity of our campers and staff. We strive to embody this by respecting the names and pronouns people use, refraining from displaying denigrating symbolism in and around the camp, and recognizing that we should seek information to better educate ourselves rather than rely on folks who have different cultures, identities, and abilities to educate us.


Consent is vital to the atmosphere of comfort and acceptance that Tryst strives to provide. That means respecting people’s stated boundaries, asking for clarification if something is unclear, getting permission every time all the time, and understanding that consent is affirmative and given freely and can be revoked at any time.

Our official Consent Policy can be found here. You can also email us at if you have questions or concerns, or need clarification of any of our rules or guidelines. Your attendance at Tryst is your agreement to strive for these principles in your own conduct while you are here.

 Campground Rules


ALCOHOL USE: We encourage you to have a good time during your stay with us. If you choose to drink, please do so responsibly. You may be asked to leave the campground if your behavior interferes with the enjoyment or safety of others.


BADGE AND WRISTBAND: You will be provided with a wristband and name badge upon entry to the camp. You MUST wear both at all times. It helps us keep the event private and secure. 


CAMP “MAGIC RADIOS”: Twisted Tryst staff, board members, and select other team members on duty will have a two-way radio. Anyone with a camp “magic radio” can connect you to a Tryst Board member, the Tryst Manager On Duty (M.O.D.), the on duty person from the Medical team, Consent team, Grounds team, Gnomes team, Registration team, cleaning team, or any of our other teams. Feel free to ask for anything, and often we can get it. 


COMMUNITY: While outside the campground, be sure to dress and act appropriately.  If you leave the grounds, we ask that you dress and act as you would to meet “Gramma”.  People within the local community have not consented to kink nor do we expect them to.


CONSENT: You must have explicit consent to touch anyone, or to touch anyone's gear (except for shared gear provided by camp). Conversations may be ended by either party, and requests to discontinue contact while at camp must be honored. 


DAMAGE: Please leave the campground how you found it. Use the provided trash containers. Don’t relocate or disrupt natural things, like stones and trees. Don't cut down firewood. Clean water, and shower/sink “grey" water should be disposed of in designated areas. Waste “black” water cannot be disposed of on site. Campfires should only be placed inside the provided fire rings. Campfires should NEVER be left unattended.


EMERGENCIES: In the event of a medical or other emergency, notify someone with a camp “magic radio” immediately, and then remain clear of the area and let the appropriate personnel do their jobs.


FIREWOOD: To stop the spread of damaging insects, the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources forbids the use of firewood from outside the local community. Firewood is available for purchase on site, near Red’s cafe/pavilion. 


GLASS CONTAINERS: Do not carry glass containers! Use plastic please. Naked people have naked feet.


ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES: There is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on all controlled substances, and such items are NOT allowed on campground property. Possession, use or transport of controlled substances will result in immediate and permanent ejection from the campground and may result in prosecution under local, state and Federal laws.


LOST AND FOUND: The campground is not responsible for lost and/or stolen items. There is a lost and found at Red’s cafe/pavilion - ask someone behind the counter, or someone with a camp “magic radio” to add something you found, or look for something you lost. If you have lost something valuable, please ask for the Manager On Duty on the camp “magic radio”. 


PARKING & VEHICLES: Park only in designated spaces, vehicles found in other places will be towed. Vehicles outside the designated parking area must display the correct hang tag at all times. Vehicles must not be moved for any reason after dusk.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Absolutely NO photography is allowed anywhere on the grounds (including your tent), at ANY time during your stay, except by official Tryst photographers. No exceptions. Anywhere.


SOLICITATION: Prostitution, solicitation and negotiation of payment for sexual services ARE ILLEGAL.  Obey all local, state and federal laws, or you will be removed from the campground.



Playspace Rules


  1. You are encouraged to watch scenes in progress, but be mindful of personal space.  A good rule of thumb is to stay back at least 10 feet - more if there are things like backswings to accommodate.   If someone asks you for a bit more room, please respect their request.

  2. Watching is OK – you do not have to join in a scene or feel pressured to play. 

  3. If you are feeling harassed, please feel free to contact someone with a camp “magic radio” and talk with someone on our Consent Team or Board. 

  4. Respect other attendees’ right to graciously decline an invitation to play.

  5. Voices carry.  While the Tryst Dungeon is NOT a quiet zone, if you are going to be social, please step at least 20 feet away from the Main Dungeon Tent (or feel free to approach the hosted dry bar when open)

  6. Do not interrupt scenes in progress. If you are bothered by what you see the options are a) turn away or b) find someone with a camp “magic radio” to ask about what you are seeing.

  7. Play within your means. Tryst reserves the right to stop anyone who appears to be inebriated or playing in an unsafe manner. The only people authorized to stop a scene in progress are a member of the Tryst Board or M.O.D., who are available on the camp “magic radio” 24/7 during camp. 

  8. The camp safeword is "Safeword". If someone uses it, activity within that scene stops. ‘No’ does not necessarily mean no, so please keep that in mind when watching.  If you have concerns, approach someone with a camp “magic radio” to share them. 

  9. Discuss any extreme or unusual scenes with the Manager On Duty (M.O.D.), not so much for permission, but to inform and make them aware of any issues that may arise.

  10. Cleaning supplies are available at safety stations throughout the play space and classrooms. If you do a wax or other messy scene, use a tarp or drop cloth. Clean up before and after your scene. Leave all equipment free of sweat, bodily fluids, wax, lubricants, etc. Bring bodily fluid contamination to the attention of someone with a camp “magic radio”. 

  11. Sharps (needles, blades, etc) go in sharps container – NOT in general trash! Needles must remain in medical play area. Corking of needles does NOT make wandering through camp OK.  Please be aware of bodily fluids and have an escort when walking with sutures, surgical staples or hooks.

  12. Cameras are prohibited.  The only exceptions to this are the camp photographers. If you have something specific you want pictures of, you can talk with one of the camp photographers.

  13. Safer sex practices are encouraged at all times. We encourage discussing practices with your partners. Condoms, gloves, and lube are available for your use in the Main Dungeon (but please don’t take handfuls home!)  If you have latex allergies, we recommend bringing your own supplies.

  14. Don’t hold play stations/equipment by placing toys, towels, etc. on the equipment.  

  15. If possible, please try to move aftercare away from the equipment so that the equipment is not tied up when you’re not playing.

  16. Fireplay is not allowed within the main tent, or any structure with a roof. All fire play requires a water bucket with a wet towel within reach. All fire play extending more than arm’s reach (ex: fire flog, fire whip, etc) requires a spotter.  

  17. No playing in the heat relief station (that’s just for resting), and no playing on the burial sites . 

  18. Have fun and explore your fantasies!

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