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Principle Statement: 

Twisted Tryst strives to create a radically inclusive, fun, sexy, accepting event, free from harassment, consent violations, and abusive behavior. We are committed to freedom of expression and creativity, as well as personal responsibility and accountability. We hold our owners, staff, educators, and attendees to high standards of behavior and actions, for the well-being and enjoyment of everyone who attends.

We respect the identity and diversity of our tribe. We strive to embody this by respecting the names and pronouns people use, refraining from displaying denigrating symbolism in and around the camp, and recognizing that we should seek information to better educate ourselves rather than rely on folks who have different cultures, identities, and abilities to educate us.

Consent is vital to the atmosphere of comfort and acceptance that Tryst strives to provide. That means respecting people’s stated boundaries, asking for clarification if something is unclear, getting permission every time all the time, and understanding that consent is affirmative and given freely and can be revoked at any time.

Our official Consent Policy can be found here. You can also email us at if you have questions or concerns, or need clarification of any of our rules or guidelines. Your attendance at Tryst is your agreement to strive for these principles in your own conduct while you are here.


Be A Good Tryst Citizen: 

--Comply with directions from our staff and Playspace Monitors.

--Abide by all posted rules. This includes the Play Space, Pool/Hot Tub, and social areas.

--Have your credentials at all times. (Badge, Wristband). It’s how we stay secure.

--Honor our camp safe-word of ‘Red’.

--Alert our staff if you see violations of rules, conduct, or consent.

--Drink responsibly. No one under the age of 21 drinks, that’s illegal, yo.

--Thou shalt not play, fuck, think about playing or fucking, or lawyer the rules around playing or fucking in the hot tub or Jen will take it away while pointing at you and exclaiming “this is why we can’t have nice things!

--No burials. We have deemed them outside our risk profile on advice of several emergency medical professionals.

Things That Have No Place At Tryst: 

--Consent Violations

--Privacy Violations, including our ‘No Camera’ policy

--Harassment - Emotional, verbal, boundary encroaching, stalking, bullying, coercion, unwanted sexual advances, intimidation, catcalling, sexually explicit compliments, non-consensual physical abuse, and defamation, without *explicit* consent.

--Shaming behavior of any kind (outside of a scene). Not for their sexuality, gender, race, religion, ability or disability, mental or physical health, body, kink, or anything really, it's rude.


Code of Conduct Violation Response: 

Our staff is skilled in handling issues involving our Code of Conduct. If necessary, they will elevate issues to one or all four of the Board of Owners of Tryst. Any attendee may also approach a board member directly.

Inappropriate behavior and violations of our code of conduct may result in a warning, mediated discussion, expulsion from the event, or in some cases, a permanent ban from Tryst events.

Our goal is always to attempt resolution, education and rehabilitation, and we have a strong history of doing so. Tryst is, however, a private event, and decisions made by our Board of Owners are final.

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